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USA Tire Recycling is one of the largest independent wholesale tire distributors in the USA. Starting from our humble beginning as a family retail tire store, to a professional, efficient, accountable wholesale distributor that handles over 2 million used tires every year and growing. Generations of family members and dedicated tire team members still steer the helm of "USA" leading the used tire industry with commitments to professional accountability and innovative procedures like:

  • Used Tire Quality Control: Processes adapted from the food processing industry for sorting, sizing and grading used tires; producing a quality certified used tire and reducing labor, product, time, expense and scrap percentage loss to the used tire dealer. Learn More

  • LTL Truck Deliveries: With our own fleet of modern box trucks and tractor trailers operating in 16 states, we opened the logistical delivery door enabling all used tire dealers from small, medium or multiple locations a choice to customize their used tire orders for the tire amounts that they needed and had available storage room for, starting at a 100 tire minimum, while staying competitive and cost effective. Learn More

  • Pick and Choose: This innovative used tire idea has been a real game changer in the used tire industry for the individual used tire dealer. Nick named the "Sams Club for Used Tire Dealers" and utilizing a 60K Sq Ft. warehouse in Wendell N.C. with over 100 organized rows of stacked, sized, graded and tagged used tire inventory ready to go. The used tire dealer picks and chooses only the used tires they need and want including tire sizes, tire grades, tire sets, tire specials and tire clearances'. Our warehouse team gathers your used tire choices, checks you out, loads you up in your truck or ours if delivery is requested with only a 25 tire minimum. Learn More

  • Used Tire Dealers: No wholesale entity in the used tire industry is more committed to the success of our used tire dealers than we are and with over a 90% return business and/or referral rate, we stay focused on helping you sell more tires and build and expand your used tire business in a secured manner. Our celebrated webpage's like "Dealer Tips" Learn More and "Service Pro" Learn More are eye opening to both the start-up used tire dealer or the 30 year used tire veteran in understanding the evolution of the used tire industry by today's standards and shares dozens of real tips about operation cost saving, inventory / store management, retail / marketing strategies, credit cards / insurance, customer / dealer control and a whole lot more.

  • Work Horse Tire Equipment: In accordance with our company missions to help our tire dealers, our tire team engineers went to work with a goal to improve the efficiency and ergonomics of the tire equipment currently available to independent tire dealers, while staying affordable and backed with a "3 Year Bullet Proof Warranty". The results were 6 patent pending certifications for innovative improvements like the Service Pro 360 Tire Changer, the Service Pro EQ Tire Balancer, the "Clydesdale" Mini Lift HD8000 and the" Mule" Tire Balancer LB600 Assist. Learn More

  • Tire Recycling / Reprocessing: We have always held our commitment as a responsible and accountable tire recycler and re-processor as a main priority and continuously encourage, educate and assist our new tire dealers and used tire dealers in staying "Green and Clean" when it comes to their used tire and/or scrap tires disposal. As a "Class 1 Tire Recycler" we are a direct partner with one of the largest tire recycling companies in America. Our own tire recycling / reprocessing operations consist of used tire collections and re-processing in three states and used tire bi-product shredding facilities in two states and continues to grow responsibly every year. Learn More

  • New Used Tire Dealers and Exporters Only, Please go to the information links on any web page and submit the “New Dealer Registration” form to get started or call us at 919-341-5550 during normal office business hours for more details or information. M – F 9am to 5pm Thank You from where “Everybody Rides On Used Tires”

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