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Keeping It Green, Clean and Professional

Keeping It Green, Clean and Professional Tire Recycling / Reprocessing: We have always held our commitment as a responsible and accountable tire recycler and re-processor as a main priority and continuously encourage, educate and assist our tire dealers in staying "Green and Clean" when it comes to their used tire and/or scrap tire disposal.

As a "Class 1 Tire Recycler" we are a direct partner with one of the largest tire recycling companies in America.

Our own tire recycling / reprocessing operations consist of used tire collections and re-processing in three states and used tire bi-product shredding facilities in two states and continues to grow responsibly every year.

"No Worries" We Got You Covered !

Our service dedication to our new tire dealers as a dependable business asset is a main priority with our "Tire Team". When we say "We Got You Covered", We Mean It!

The tire industry is competitive and fast paced and enabling you to stay focused on growing your tire business is one way our "Worry Free Tire Collections" help you do just that.

Every tire dealers disposal needs are different, be it about tire volumes, seasonal expectations, storage space available, pick-up schedules, container security or multiple locations. After a quick assessment of your current tire collection requirements, we will customize your tire pick-up service to meet your needs per location. As you grow and/or change your business going forward we will adapt to insure that your professional tire collection service is on track with you.

Class 1 Recycling For New Tire Dealers Only

Here's Why Using Our Used Tire Collection Service Is BOTTOM LINE SMART!


    Secure Collection Cages - Our tamper proof tire collection cages' are custom built to your weekly or bi-weekly tire collection requirements and designed to use either a 8' X 8' size cage (aprox. 75 tires) or a single parking space 8' X 12' size cage (aprox. 150 tires) or a fence line span of 8' X 24' size cage (aprox. 300 tires).
    Our unique tamper proof cages' with a 6 wall enclosure design includes multiple one way loading doors, raised floor for pest and stagnant water control and WiFi security cameras with afterhours activation.
    Our tamper proof tire collection cages stop afterhours scavengers from trespassing on your property, unauthorized tire dumping and insures that your used tire disposal program stays in compliance and is accountable.

    Tire Collection Service Trucks - Our used tire collection service is 24/7 according to your needs with no additional charges. We know things can change quickly in the tire business and were ready to service the unexpected changes when you need us to.
    Regular weekly or bi-weekly pickup schedules' are available but if a sudden increase in business requires additional pickups, were a phone call or email away and will pick up within 24 hours where applicable.
    There are NO equipment rental fees
  • There are NO transportation fees
  • There are NO tonnage or scale fees
  • There are NO regular or emergency pick up fees
  • There are NO additional charges for oversized tires
  • There are NO administration or document fees
  • No extra fees, charges, conditions, restrictions or excuses. We service your collection needs, Period!

We Charge a *$0.50 Recycling / Re-Processing Flat Fee Per Tire Collected

Our Used Tire Collection Service Charge Includes:

  • Corporate Compliance Report prepared for your state or local municipality monthly
  • Complete client indemnity of all liabilities' and responsibilities' for tires collected through our tire collection service agreement
  • Tamper Proof Collection Cage(s) for Secure Tire Disposal Installed and Maintained Free of Charge
  • *Multiple location discounts for those companies that qualify for volume tire collections
  • Real Time Electronic Tire Collection Receipts and Accountability Direct to Your Email
  • Monthly Billing With Email Invoicing and Online Payments Available
  • Multi State Hauling Certifications For Used Tire Collection Transport
  • Professional Tire Collection Service That Is Licensed, Insured And Bonded to Operate in Your State
  • Multi State Compliant for GBP's of Solid Waste Management Regulations, OSHA Safety Guidelines and E.P.D. Processed Documentation

Class 2 Recycling For Used Tire Dealers Unavailable At This Time

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Keeping It Green, Clean and Professional

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